I have always believed that any artist should have as much knowledge as possible about every type of artistic expression, and to this end I have made it my business to further my personal education in as many directions as I can, gaining hands-on experience whenever I can.



    Education and Academic Training:

  • 2005-2001 - Research on Sculpture & Architecture with Artist Professor Simon Ayvazian.
  • 2005 –Bachelor s Degree in Sculpture from Tehran University of Tehran-Iran.
  • 2000-Honorary Bachelors Degree in Painting from Minstry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.of Mashhad-Iran.
  • 1998-Associate Degree in Visual Arts of Beheshti University of Mashhad –Iran.
  • 1998-1996- Research on Drawing & Painting with Artist Hadi Taghizadeh Riabi.
  • Research:

  • Compilation and research on the impact of Iranian children look at the color of the visual development of contemporary society (as Iranian children can see the color better).
  • Research on the building of mosques in Iran and given the climate of contemporary rehabilitation.
  • Research on the steps in the architecture and its impact on social behavior.
  • Visual Design of gathering and writing techniques as 365 residents (in the editing process).

  •